The reason i want to become a physician are based on human kindness and helpfulness. The greatest of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively. From the book Doctors who followed Christ, Ambroise Pare was a French surgeon. He was a kind, merciful, and compassionate physician. He helped many wounded French soldiers even the enemy soldiers. The most remarkable part of him was when he adjured young physicians not to work for monetary reward but to do their duty to the end, even in hopeless cases.
From the same book, Doctors who followed Christ, Dr Hermann Boerhaave taught an entire generation of European doctors. I learned that his procedure was to visit his patients each day, greeting them with affection and kindness. The poor, he said, were his best patients because God paid for them. By imitating Christ, he said, he had found strength for the day and tranquility.
Dr John Fothergill was a merciful family practitioner and a philanthropist. He developed a reputation for kindness and help to the poor which led him to remark later " I climbed on the backs of the poor to the pockets of the rich". One day there was a great crowd, men and women in tatters, fingernails, dirty and broken with toil. Many of them were crying for help. His heart was moved by these tattered country folk, the working classes of England, who labored so hard for so little. He examined the poor country folk one by one. A widow stood before him perhaps she was thirty, but poverty and hard work made her look fifty. After examination, he wrote her a prescription and reached into his bag bringing out a little box. Take this home, he said, it has a medicine that will help you and be sure to follow the instructions i have written. He smiled with secret joy. She opened the box and found not only a prescription but also a golden guinea which would buy her the food she needed. Seeing his smile, she smiled in return. "Thank you Doctor" Hope shone on her face. The next case was a girl. Dr Fothergill noted in the father's clothes and the girls callused hands the evidences of poverty. She had consumption (tuberculosis) aggravated by weak blood (anemia). Dr Fothergill told the man that it has been of great value to me to examine your daughter. I am in your debt and accept this token of my appreciation. He passed five pounds into the man's hand as he issued instructions for the girls treatment. One remarkable definition of Christianity by Fothergill is that a Christian was one who served his neighbor. If he saw a need, he strove to help it.  

From the Book : Doctors Who Followed Christ

Below are some of the things that inspired me to want to become a Medical Doctor; Human kindness and helpfulness

Doctor Dawson and Johnnie the news paper boy

The following short passage is from the book "The new Art of living" by Dr Norman Vincent Peale. The statement that the secret to finding happiness lies in human service, kindness, and helpfulness will help to keep life always fresh and interesting. A good surgeon is a true physician not only for his skills, but also for the fact that he cares about the need for others. In the story of Johnnie, the newspaper boy, the surgeon became deeply interested in the little cripple boy selling newspapers. The surgeon asked whether the boy would want his leg to be cured so he could run and play like the others. The boy responded " Thank you Doctor, that would make me very happy". The surgeon arranged for an operation on the boy. The surgeon performed the operation in front of his students in order to teach them how to help other people when they became doctors. Little Johnnie was placed in front of the surgeon and the students were arranged so they can witness the operation. The Doctor explained the disease and operative procedures that were to be followed. When he was ready, he said, “Now Johnnie we are going to fix that little leg of yours.” Johnnie raised his voice and said thank you Dr Dawson you have been so good to me, God bless you. The surgeon looked down to him with tears rolling from his eyes. Placing his hands on the little boy’s head, the doctor thanked Johnnie before commencing the operation. After a successful operation, Dr. Dawson said to his students; “I have operated upon many men, including millionaires, senators, and governors. I have received many large fees, but what that little boy said was the greatest fee I have ever received in my life". I adopted this policy in life; Use your heart to love someone and if your heart is huge and big enough, use it to love everybody for there shouldn't be a reason to help or love people.
The above statements is the full description of me and the reasons why i want to be a physician, to touch, impact lives and make a difference.